Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are Yucca plants poisonous to cats?

There have been different opinions. I believe some species of yucca are harmless, while others may be at least mildly toxic.

Are Yucca plants poisonous to cats?
No its not
Reply:i dont' think so, but I would double check. I know that yucca is given to dogs to try and stop their urine from turning the grass yellow
Reply:Yes... There are many plants that are bad for cats, However a cat knows this and will not bother them. They are not stupid creatures. It is instinct
Reply:All those sort of plants are poisonous. If your cat has eaten the plant,I would watch out for any problems.Take to Vet if neccessary.
Reply:i dont think yucca is a poisonous plant..they are pollinated by yucca moth but this insects are not harmful, not poisonous. so you dont have to worry at your cat. Meow! ;]


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